The Howard Partnership Trust - the journey so far


In 2007 Thomas Knyvett College in Ashford found itself in serious difficulties - in Ofsted Special Measures the longest in the country.

When Surrey County Council and the Department for Education asked Howard of Effingham School to help them turn things around, The not-for-profit, charitable Howard Partnership was born.

In just 9 working weeks, the school was taken out of Special Measures. By December 2013 Ofsted judged the school to be 'Good' with 'Outstanding' leadership and management.

This didn't happen by chance. It was as a result of one of our founding principles - a bespoke and collaborative approach to partnership working and improving teaching and learning. Over the last decade, school-to-school support has become accepted firmly established as best practice in the delivery of school improvement.

Bringing out the best

Second-rate schooling can consign young people to a limited life experience. They really only have one shot at a good education, so we cannot afford to get it wrong. In all our Partnership schools, we are about helping our students achieve more than they ever thought they could - truly 'bringing out the best'. Although it's not about being an exam factory, it is a fact that good educational qualifications ensure better chances in life.

Increasing life-chances is the principle that drives everything we do within all our schools, both primary and secondary.

The Partnership ethos

The idea of partnerships like ours is not only to provide a support network for struggling schools. Our focus is on pro-actively increasing standards in each school, offering better opportunities for every one of our students.

Schools in a successful partnership are more likely to perform better. Whilst there are no quick fixes, being in a partnership means there are fantastic professional development opportunities and a support framework in place - giving all schools every chance to develop and improve.

How we do things

The Howard Partnership Trust: Registered Office: Lower Road, Effingham, Surrey, KT24 5JR. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number: 07597068. An exempt charitable trust.